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Culture has the power to transform a society. From historic monuments and landscapes to traditional and contemporary art forms, diverse manifestations of human culture enrich our everyday lives.

At the eighth United Nations Global Colloquium of University PresidentsYale President Peter Salovey declared, “cultural heritage is essentially what defines our humanity.” University leaders from around the world agreed with President Salovey and announced their support for the preservation of cultural heritage. In the concluding “New Haven Declaration,” scholars from participating institutions recommended their universities engage in a collaborative pursuit of three long-term goals in the academic key areas of education, research and advocacy. This declaration set the foundation for the formation of the Global Consortium for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage.

The Consortium is a global network to facilitate collaboration and mutual integration among members. The strategy of the Consortium is to serve as a catalyst for cultural preservation, primarily by providing information via open data bases to its members and other interested parties, and by providing a forum for meetings and interchanges among its members.

The Consortium works toward providing, updating, and expanding databases related to the field of cultural heritage preservation and acts as a forum for interested members who range from academic institutions to practitioner organizations.

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